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Thank you to our partnership with local organizations and to your generous donations we have been able to help in many ways!

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Cuatro Por Venezuela Foundation

Programs with a purpose

With these programs, you can help us fight against the shortage of food, the lack of medicines and medical supplies and the resurgence of diseases that had been controlled through vaccination and prevention systems.

Cuatro por Venezuela is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS. Tax ID Number: 81-4622309


Our Programs


Food Program

We are fighting against hunger and malnutrition that are causing severe problems in Venezuela. Eighty percent of the population in Venezuela cannot eat the three meals a day due to a severe shortage and high cost of food in the market. This situation particularly affects the most susceptible populations such as the elderly and children, resulting in advanced stages of malnutrition.

Health Program

With these programs, you can help to:

  • Decrease the shortage of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Prevent complications of chronic diseases.
  • Decrease the resurgence of diseases that had been controlled through vaccination and prevention systems.
  • Decrease the mortality of hospitalized patients

Education Program

With the current high inflation hitting Venezuela, low-income parents have difficulties sending their children to school because of the lack of money to purchase the school uniforms, shoes, backpacks, books and others requirements. With your contribution, we will be able to help low-income children to get what they need to attend school.

Formula Program

Formula for our children: This program donates formula to hospitalized kids in nationwide hospitals.


Special Programs

We identify Venezuelan organizations to help us develop programs to provide specific needs in the areas of health, nutrition, and education. These organizations along with partners and volunteers will deliver the resources to the beneficiaries.

More about Food Program

This program partners with schools located in the most rural areas of the country. Our goal is to provide at least one meal a day for every child. For $100, we can provide lunch for one child for an entire school year.

More about Health Program

Is an infection of the skin that occurs due to lack of hygiene. It is highly contagious.  Due to a lack of personal grooming products this infection has been reported in families, schools, and hospitals, affecting children and adults. Your contribution will help us to purchase Ivermectin, the treatment for this disease.

"@cuatroporvzla Quiero dar mi más sentido agradecimiento a estas grandes personas que de manera anónima prestan su ayuda desinteresada. ¡Dios los llene de bendiciones!"


"Muchas gracias a @cuatroporvzla por las donaciones realizadas. Me han llegado sus medicamentos de manera muy oportuna y necesaria. Felicitaciones por su labor. Recomiendo a la fundación."
"De nuevo hago público para agradecer a los amigos de @cuatropovzla y su consecuente aporte para con esta gran familia de Refugios Pana. Semanas atrás fue recibida su donación."


"A mí también me ayudaron con antibióticos, inhaladores, sondas y medicinas para la diabetes, etc. Todo para mi papá recientemente fallecido. Gracias por tanto en tan difíciles momentos y circunstancias."


Muchas gracias, que Dios las siga bendiciendo y siga tocando los corazones de los amigos de Cuatro por Venezuela. 
Esto es para que el Venezolano se alimente, se eduque, se cure pero mas que nada para que obtengo algo de esperanzas de que Venezuela vuelva a la prosperidad y sea libre de corrupción y populismo




From your friends at the Newcomer Center. Thank you for taking the time to "meet" my students. We were so happy to be able to help.



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