People in Venezuela need medicines and staple food

Help us provide medicine and food for those in need

What is happening in Venezuela?

Venezuela has a severe shortage of medicines and medical supplies that are making extremely difficult for many people to obtain essential medical care. The food shortage in Venezuela has worsened, making it difficult for Venezuelans to obtain adequate nutrition and cover their basic needs. Venezuela is under a profound humanitarian crisis and we want to do something about it.

With your donations we have been helping thousands of Venezuelans,
providing medical supplies, staple foods and medicines.

Our Programs


Every day thousands of Venezuelans cannot get essential medicines. With your donation we can provide medicines for those in need.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are in shortage in Venezuela, affecting thousands of patients. With your donation we can provide supplies for those in needs.

Staple Food

8 out of 10 Venezuelans struggle with hunger. With your donation we can provide staple food to kids and adults. Lets work together to end hunger.
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