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Our Impact

We invite you to read our Annual Report for a full description of our organization’s activities and impact.

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Cuatro Por Venezuela Foundation

Annual Report

Over 63,000 lbs of life-saving supplies have been shipped to Venezuela thanks to the efforts and donations of people like you. We couldn’t stand “con los brazos cruzados” – with our arms crossed – while seeing so many people in need. We set out to do something big and we did it!

Cuatro por Venezuela is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS. Tax ID Number: 81-4622309

2018 Foundation Expenses


More than 130 hospitals and institutions assisted!

Check the Institutions and Organizations we have assisted in more than 14 Venezuelan States:


Distrito Capital, Estado Apure, Estado Anzoategui, Estado Aragua, Estado Barinas, Estado Bolívar , Estado Carabobo, Estado Falcón, Estado Guárico, Estado Lara, Estado Merida, Estado Miranda, Estado Monagas , Estado Nueva Esparta, Estado Portuguesa , Edo. Vargas, Estado Zulia.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Food Program Beneficiaries

Distrito Capital Asilo La Providencia San Antonio -San Martín (Ancianato), De Tripas Corazón (Comedor comunitario), Proyecto Nodriza (Atención integral) Edo. Zulia Fundación amor de Dios (Hospitales) Edo Aragua Preescolar San Rafael (Escuela), UEE Víctor Lino Gomez (Escuela), Cáritas Aragua (Comedor comunitario), Casa San Rafael (Casa de alberge), Hnos. Franciscanos de la Cruz Blanca (Casa de alberge), Comedor Escolar Solidario San Vicente (Comedor comunitario), Proyecto Provisión de Valientes (Comedor comunitario) Edo Miranda Casa Abuelos de la Guadalupe (Casa de ancianos), Comedor Casa Integral Granja UMA-CIGUMA (Comedor comunitario), Comedor La Esperanza UMA (Comedor de la calle), Hnas. De la Recolecta - Inst. Corazón de Jesús, Los Teques (Comedor comunitario), Alimenta La Esperanza (Comedores de niños), Colegio San Vicente (Escuela), MANOAMIGA, La Montana (Escuela), Fund. Casa Hogar Padre Machado (Ancianato), Casa Ana (Casa de alberge), Parroquia de la Anunciación del Señor (Comedor de ancianos), Nutriendo El Futuro (Comedores de niños), Puntos Solidarios (Comedores de niños), Unidad Educativa Rafael Urdaneta - Gavilan (Escuela) Edo Carabobo Casa Hogar María Auxiliadora - La Cumaca (Orfanato), Colegio Hnas. Hospitalarias de San José (Escuela), Colegio Calasanz (Escuela), Comedor Comunitaio Calasanz (Comedor comunitario), Projecto Samán (Programa de nutrición), Casa Hogar Fundación Refugios Pana -Valencia (Orfanato varones), Mesa De Lázaro (Comedor comunitario) Edo Lara Proyecto Timoteo- familias (Comedor comunitario), Seminario Iglesia SJ Bautista (Comedor), Liceo "Madre de las Escuelas Pías” (Comedor) Edo Bolivar Brisas Del Sur (Comedores de niños), Brisas del Paraiso (Comedores de niños), San José de Chirica (Comedores de niños), Unare II - Salón Divino Niño (Comedores de niños), Unare II - Salón Padre S. Alberto Hurtado (Comedores de niños) Edo Monagas Casa Hogar Mamá Letizia (Casa de alberge) Edo Falcón Fund. Casa de La Misericordia (Atención integral)

Health Program Beneficiaries
Food Program

480,000+ individual servings

Our food programs launched officially in May 2017. We focus on fighting against hunger and malnutrition, particularly for children and the elderly. We have sent enough food for 120,000 meals. We have provided staple food supplies to orphanages, nursing homes and to organizations that cook for the homeless. We have partnered with rural schools to ensure at least one meal a day for every child during school days and on weekends in those communities. For $100, we can provide lunch for one child for an entire school year. Lastly, we provide formula to hospitalized children in hospitals nationwide.

Each $100 provides lunch for one child for an entire school year.

Other programs include delivering school supplies and educational material.

Health Program

39,500+ patients attended

We partner with 59 different groups in Venezuela to deliver medicine and medical supplies throughout the country. This year, Cuatro Por Venezuela served more than 39,500 patients. We focused on Scabies, Chronic Renal Failure in Hemodialysis, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Prenatal Care, Adolescent Pregnancies, Infectious Diseases, Malnutrition, Malaria, and Burn Victims. Other includes nephrology (116 patients), psychiatry (98 patients), burn victims (85 patients). We focus on four core objectives:

  • Decrease the shortage of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Prevent complications of chronic diseases.
  • Decrease the resurgence of diseases through vaccination and prevention systems.
  • Decrease the mortality of hospitalized patients
We are proud of what we have accomplished

and inspired to continue working

to meet the challenges that face us in the year ahead.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Our Impact

Food Program
lbs of food sent
Health Program
lbs of medicine' supplies sent
Formula Program
baby bottles of formula sent
School Supplies Program
lbs of school supplies sent

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