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80% of households in Venezuela experience food insecurity
A recent paper published in the Journal of Social Sciences and Medicine discusses the nutrition crisis in Venezuela using statistics from the 2017 National Living Conditions Survey (ENCOVI). 80% of Venezuelan households in 2017 were food insecure; that number has likely increased. To put that in context, that’s twice the rate in neighboring Colombia and…
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April Photo Gallery
April was a busy month! We held fundraising and volunteer events from New York to Miami to Houston in order to raise awareness for our cause. We even received several touching videos from our supporters in Venezuela and abroad. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about our work.
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2019 National Survey of Venezuelan Hospitals
Médicos por la Salud (Doctors for Health) was founded in 2014 as a network for doctors throughout Venezuela with the mission of collecting data to document the national humanitarian and health crisis. This network, comprised of doctors, medical students and healthcare providers, sheds light on the devastating condition of hospitals all over the country. Medicos por…
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March Photo Gallery
Our partners send us photos from all across Venezuela to show how our shipments are saving lives.
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Partner Spotlight: Accion Humanitaria
Acción Humanitaria Por Venezuela is a remarkable organization dedicated to serving rural areas and neighborhoods impacted by high levels of crime and insecurity in Venezuela. Acción Humanitaria distributes medicine and aid to hospitals and rural clinics. In March of 2018, Cuatro Por Venezuela and Acción Humanitaria partnered together to form a new program, Nurishing Hope in the state…
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Donations from Italy
Cuatro Por Venezuela is grateful to our donors from all over the world. Recently, we received a donation of medicine from Arezzo, Italy. Thank you to the parents and children of SCUOLA DI INFANZIA “IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI”  for their kindness and generosity. Grazie tanti ragazzi!
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