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September and October Updates
This month we sent PPE to the Infectious Disease Service at the University Hospital in Caracas, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Monagas.  We are committed to delivering protective equipment to the courageous healthcare workers throughout Venezuela. This is part of our ongoing efforts to fight COVID-19 in Venezuela. We also had several friends voice…
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August Updates
We stand united with the healthcare workers in Venezuela.  Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we have been working to bring protective equipment to healthcare workers throughout Venezuela. This month we delivered supplies to healthcare centers in Caracas, Coro, and El Tigre. Every day we hear from health centers around the country asking for…
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Cuatro Por Venezuela delivers thousands of PPE to Venezuela
Cuatro Por Venezuela is devoted to helping a country ill-prepared to handle a pandemic. Since March 2020, Cuatro has delivered 63,114 units of PPE to Venezuelan health care professionals. As the pandemic wreaks havoc on top-rate healthcare systems, Venezuela still battles a socioeconomic crisis of its own. Our organization was founded to provide essential resources to…
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July Updates
Covid cases continued to rise in Venezuela. In July, we launched a matching campaign, where we matched dollar for dollar every new donation that went to Covid relief. We were able to send personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in Maturín and Mérida. ⁣We sent 120 protective body suits to doctors and nurses in…
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June Updates
In June, we worked with Amigos Transplantados to deliver medicine and treatments to patients in Valencia, Carabobo. We delivered formula and nutritional supplies to children with help from our friends Funmiaven and Funlasa Norka Salinas Foundation. Covid cases increased dramatically in the Zulia state. In our effort to prevent more senseless deaths and protect our…
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May Updates
This month, cases in Venezuela continued to rise. We would like to thank our friends from One In an Army, a BTS fan group dedicated to charitable donations and making the world a better place. Thanks to their support, we were able to buy masks for 159 health workers in Venezuela. We would also like…
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