Our Network & Our Partners
Many corporations, foundations and individuals gave generously of their time, funds, food and products to help provide assistance to thousands of Venezuelans. On behalf of the families and individuals who benefited from their support, Cuatro por Venezuela is proud to thank and recognize the extraordinary individuals and organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of others and are committed partners in creating a better Venezuela.
Our Network
  • Senos Ayuda Caracas
  • Senos Ayuda Edo Nueva Esparta
  • Fundación Alas Solidarias
  • Fundación Achilles Venezuela – Discapacidad 0
  • Codevida
  • Fundación Proyecto Maniapure
  • Acción Humanitaria Por Venezuela
  • Fundación Una Mano Amiga


  • Centro Marista de Salud Integral

  • Misión de Jesús

Our Partners
  • Global Medical Equipment Missions, INC (Houston, TX)
  • Adam Rios Foundation (Houston, TX)
  • Alivio Family Medical Center (Houston, TX)
  • Mattioli Vision Professional (Houston, TX)
  • Febres Dentist for Children (Houston, TX)
  • KG – Export (Miami,FL)
  • GUAPEA (Chile)
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