About Us

Our History

This initiative was born in October of 2016 from the effort of four Venezuelan women living in the United States, compelled to action to help their country.

The Foundation, was formally founded by Carolina Febres, Gloria Mattiuzzi, Gabriela Rondón and Maria Elena Texeira, in December 14th of 2016 and it is dedicated to creating programs and partnerships to deliver relief to any corner of the national territory of Venezuela.

Our Values:

We commit to the responsibility of delivering timely and valuable aid to the people of Venezuela. We are transparent and accountable in our operations and our fundraising efforts. We provide detailed reports of our activities and achievements.

Our Objective:

Solicit donations through fundraising activities to deliver resource packages to as many people in Venezuela as possible.

Our Mission

Relieve basic shortages affecting the Venezuelan population by delivering supplies and resources covering health, nutrition and education.

Our Vision

Be an organization recognized for its values of commitment to and solidarity with the men, women and children of Venezuela who lack basic resources in the areas of health, nutrition and education.

How we Operate:

We work in partnership with local organizations and advisors to distribute resources where the need is greatest.

We identify Venezuelan organizations to help us develop programs to provide specific needs in the areas of health, nutrition and education.

These organizations along with partners and volunteers will deliver the resources to the beneficiaries.

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