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World Health Organization's Report on Diptheria and Malaria in Venezuela

The PanAmerican Health Organization, a branch of the World Health Organization, released Epidemiological Updates for Diptheria and Malaria in the Americas. Cuatro Por Venezuela sends medicine and medical supplies to treat and prevent both of these diseases to our network of over 90 trusted partner organziations.

Diphtheria in the Americas – Summary: Venezuela now has more cases  (123) of diptheria than Haiti (80) and Brazil (1). In 2016, Venezuela only had 20 cases of diptheria while Haiti had 56. Read the full summary here. The report is available in English and Spanish.

Malaria in Venezuela – Summary Report and Interactive Graph: Venezuela and Haiti are the only two countries in Latin America where malaria mobidity has increased since 2000. Haiti has increased by 5% while Venezuela has increased by 359%. Explore this Interactive Graph to see which regions in Venezuela are most affected. Download the full report here.

Map of Venezuela: Red areas of high rates of malaria

Graph showing Decrease in Malaria morbidity by countries in the Americas from 2000-2015